Friday, May 27, 2011

please read and think about the implications that it has.

Damm!! we are broke again!!

we did a few mistakes, such as landing waaaay to much money!! so now the fruitarian shop is threatening to close!! that means 20 fruitarians will have nothing to eat!!

heres a new passage of our new website,

To give everyone an idea of how we will use the money...
Lets say we get 2000 euros...
With that i will have maybe all the seeds i need for the 80 acres sreaming to be planted, ill hire 2-3 guys full time for at least 2 months, buy a beter water pump, ill build more shelters to create my fasting retreat, the shop will have more fruits, less bananas and more papaya, and it will be garanty to be running until our gardens give enough fruits.
Don't forget that i'm in Kenya, everything is ver very cheap!!

Now let's say we would get 100 euros...
we would build more water tanks for the local fruitarians that needs it to cover their lands with fruits only. We could run the shop for another 2 month, or we could even open an other shop that is actually on demand. Without forgeting the urgent need for seeds.

lets talk about that fruitarian shop some more, again, here is a extract of our website, in the F.A.Q> section...

Tell me about that shop, how does it run?
That shop is the core of this project. The people are influencing each
other, soooo much! heres how it goes... The shop is at the market
called Saouri, not many people grow fruits there. All the fruits are
at 16 km away, in a market called Kunati. The market days are monday,
wednesday, and friday. So each of those days, i send 3 guys (soon 4,
then 5...) with their bicycles, and two big crates each (will add
photo) to the market, 16km away. Its uphill, so the way back is not so
hard. They each come back with about 80kg of fruits, no joke! I
personnely did it for 3 weeks, and i came to like it very much! So i
get them to get the fruits from Kunati, at very cheap, and contrary to
the other guys whom go there and do the same thing, but re-sells the
fruits at twice the price, i re-sell them at the same price, or
almost. So only then the locals can afford living on a fruit only

Its big!! really big!! everyone should help with this thing!!

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