Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pom on April 20

Some news!
we have received donations, wich i will use to fix up the basecamp and to buy pipes for the water pump belonging to the new member of the comunity, peter! He is 5 day fruitarian, but has been studying my teachings and working with me as my handy man for 6 weeks, his brother though has turned fruitarian a week afer he met me, so 5 weeks! The donater is from california, i dont know if he wants to stay anonymus so thank you californian fruitarian! He got broke to help the mission! Thats the way! Lol

also, david came and visit me, he also helped with donations and was quite impress with location, especialy when we heard elephants at less then 1 hundred metres from us! I forgot to mention, the park we live next to has 17 permenant rivers!

I hope to have some pictures soon.

Many local fruits have appeared, guavas and dragon fruits, and cherimoyas will slowly apear within 2 weeks they say!

I spoke to many people, including the growers themselfs, and they dont spray! Very very good news!

One more good news, i have received 1 pakage of seeds out of 4, after almost 3 weeks! But now that i know there is other fruit trees in kenya then mangoes, i feel much more secure.

One bad news, as i was gonna start my fast, the kenya wildlife services came and kiked me out of the island i was renting, after all it is part of the national trying to get my money back. But its ok, i will rent right next to it , for cheaper.

I hope that everybody whom was motivated in joining or helping are still enthousiastic, we need positive vibration, members joining, and more kind of help that im not allowed to ask for otherwise blogger will delete me again... Thanks already to all of you!

Fruits and unity to the earth and people,


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