Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pom on may 11th, 2011

We are now 16 fruitarians!! 100%!!!

thank you david for help and concern, it was nice to have someone whom understand what kind of place i am from.

Ok, now we seriously need a website, i know its a lot of work, but what is hapening here is just too big!! So please, just a small website, contact me on my e-mail,

So what else... ive planted about 5 thousand papaya trees, i have no idea of the percentage that will survive, but im planting (mostly throwing) almost 2000 per week... We are planting totomoko, or soursop (high on fructose!!), watermelon, rockmelon, some mangoe, i will know in a few hours about some loquats, never heard before, i see them everywhere, but i always though they were passion fruits!! those are everywhere, so ill taste and if good ill buy lots to plant, and thanks to david, we will have a lot of jackfruits or maybe jampedak!! Ho yhea, I'm sorry sunshine, but everyone here has been puting pressur on me and i don't really have a joice... im getting banana plants.... lol, i know its not juicy, and its probebly not human food, but they have some pretty good varieties here!! lol. Unfortunetly no one but sunshine's mom has sent us some seeds, so we hope that will change!! come on everyone!! I have 50 acres to plant!!and about 40 more for the local fruitarians!!

The fruitarians are doing great, they have no cravings, as i expected!!! no problem! I told the parents that they don't have to wash their kids everyday, or to brush their teeth, you shouldve seen their faces!! They realize more and more about the impact of it all, and they keep saying that all the people of their church will turn fruitarian. We are already making plans for saving up to buy as much land as possible, in the area i've send people to find the candyland, very recluded and low population, the best in kenya if you ask me!! They have been suffering a lot from the government, they are against i.d. cards, sending kids to school, making money and using technology, so they know that one day they will have to run away and hide, interesting huh?? they are planting all they can plant, and are asking me for seeds all the time. They are convince that in a few months they will be self suficient on fruits!! And Biti, the father of the famiily of 6 kids i mentioned before, has a lot of experience in growing all the kinds of fruits here. And he keeps repeating, we need more seeds!!

The shop is doing ok, it is self running but is expensive, about 20 euro per week is alot, the community's funds are at about 650euro, must make it last, in case we don't receive anymore donations. We should be able to last for another 3-4 month.

The rain season made everything back to green!! yheaaa!!! this is difinetly the most beautifull place in kenya!The rivers are raging, the birds are singning all the time, so many of them, of all colours! And for some strange reasons, don't know wich, we can now see the top of mount kenya from where we live!! i saw the snow!

As for sunshine, nixon and tanya, they are still on the coast, sunshine has always been recovering the best way he can since he recovered from a near death experience 2 and half years ago, fruit diet and fasting has kept him alive, but the process of this adventure has taken a lot from him. Tanya i havent got any news from her, im really curious!! And nixon also. I seriously hope they will come as soon as possible!!

So i repeat, we need someone to create a website!! please!!!

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  1. Dear Pom, I don't even care if you were 100% fruitarian or not. Reforesting the world is what needs to be done and if you can have it both ways what could be better!? Re-fruit-tree the planet!
    So plant your fruit trees, turn Kenya into a fruit paradise and keep those who care about this project posted. You definitely need a webmaster who can add a donation button for your project on this website or some dedicated website but for now I will try to contribute in alternative way.
    I am amazed and wish that your endeavor will be a huge success.
    All the best,

    Thunder Preacher