Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pom on April 21

we have peter, a local that is new but 100% commited to the project and fruitarianism, whom will sell some of his property (about 100acres) for around 700/acre, wich is were we are creating the base camp.

But thats not all, for 80euro he will build you a house, all material included, 100% natural, no nails, mud, branchs and grass.
Solar power will cost 800 fully equiped, but if david decides to establish here also (80% shure i think), he will probebly get it install.

We will all be neighbors. Im making my garden, like the others, but we have the rest of the land that peter will let us plant, wich will become the comunity garden. For the locals turning fruitarian that doesnt live with us.

And then we will have the comfort that everyone prefer to have to organize their next step, me and david wants to plant around 200acre, i personely want to go live in it when its ready. Until then its about compremising the best way as possible, teaching, fasting, comunity building, maybe creating a organisation to help the locals like david's project, and more.

The land is where i though would be ideal for creating base camp, bye ura river, south border of meru national park. It took me many month with the help of sunshine and tanya to find that place, you can just trust my judgement for how paradisiac the place is!

Further east the land get dangeresly cheap, like 200-400euro per acre. Wich is where the big project will hapen.

We have the water pump, the seeds (of course we need waaay more) to start with, the workers, even volunteers!

We need kids and elders! Join or help in other way!!! We only have one natural habitat, lets work together to get it back!

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