Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tanya on November 9, 2010

Costa RIca, Panama... yeah sounds all good places for me and I've personally known people who went there and found their "paradise spot" but the truth is that we should move and scout whatever land with our physical eyes (although not only those physical...) because all these suggestions ( I appreciate all your support guys!) come actually from people that do not have, did not have and probably will never have our kind of lifestyle, that means being naked 365 day 24/24, no electricity, no tools... just eating fruits from the trees directly in harmony with nature.
I know no people other than me, Salvo, Pom and Sunshine that really want this kind of life so, I'm not sure that people with different view of what "paradise" is can give a reliable advice.

ONly a fruitarian with our same goals could help us for good and solve all the riddles we've enumerated in terms of food (fruits), climate, prices for buying a land, visas and currently we do not know anyone or maybe he/she doesnt exist at all.
And if he/she exists, surely won't sit behind a desk reading 30Bad forum.

As far as I know, we are the only one capable of finding the best solution for ourselves by moving directly to the land.

I feel we are doing something extraordinary here and I'm gonna put all my multidimensional energies for finally finding OUR paradise just by MOVING to that place.

I think the first step to do is to choose a place and move there cos google cannot answer all our questions.
I don't feel like discarding a place only because we read somewhere in a website that the medium annual temperature is 23 degrees thus we cannot stay naked all the time...cos simply might be not true at all. The only way to find it out is to going there and FEEL the hot wind directly on our naked skin.

Once the place is found and scouted, people will recrute themselves and come, if that's what they really want.

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