Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pom on January 19, 2011

Kenya Kenya!!

after beeing conned over a car, we are still searching around, now more to the coast...

We are getting really tired of living in a man-made world, really, every move is becoming too much. It is influencing the energy of the group, but we are very motivated still to find what we are looking for.

So it is pretty clear, open land, next to a national park, far far far away from any existing communitys (we dont want to join one, we want to make one), with water... Having more people with us would be nice, we need to send scouts, so if anyone with 3-400euro for a flight ticket, and a couple of hundreds more for food and transport will live for long, here a meal is around 1euro, and i eat a lot... We are hoping to find even cheaper! the visa is very easy to get, at the airport, 23euro. Transport is also cheap (money wise), its about 1euro per 100km.

There are still 3 of us, and we are hoping to have created a base camp within a week or two.


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