Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pom on March 16, 2011

Anyone willing to help us contact me via e-mail,

what kenya need is like everywhere in the world, seeds of fruit TREES!! here nothing is wasted, people will take the seeds and carefully plant them. Just from fruktifying the people of the village im in, in 3 weeks, i got about 10 people that are ready to plant 5 to 10 acres and turn fruitarian. Missing one rain season is so unfortunate!! (starting this week). I could get 100 acres planted, then next season another 200!!! when people understand we can live on fruits they all want to try! people here dont care about food, they eat because they think they have to. You should see what they eat, the same over and over, plain rice, or cabbage with tortillas, or plain beans, plain lentils, plain corn, sometimes they put salt... We seriously choose the right place!

So... Heres some other news, we have "recruited" an other person, his name is nixon, now 100% fruitarian for almost 3 weeks, but has been studying carefully for about 2 month, he is a fine preacher already, he speaks the local language and is very helpfull. He is with Sunshine and tanya, on the coast, enjoying papaya for 3 cents each, thats right, wich will be like that until the fruit acess will be good enough where i am. They are enjoying nature, praying, preaching, massaging and eating fruits like the good natural fruitarians they are! i miss you guys!

As for me i arrived since 3 weeks ago in a town call makutano, south of meru national park, in the tharaka region. So heres the details...
Altitude between 200-330metres (from a gps), about 40km from 1700 metres (for the temperate fruits), the national park has been protected since the 60s, mostly flat and dry at first, but green and almost rain forest on the north, where the lions are, fortunatly. There is a river going along the park, the ura river, clean to drink even at the most dry time of the year (now), i swim every day watching the monkeys, so nice! the lands are pretty cheap, i was told we can find 200 acres at 300euro each acre. The population is very low, very sparsely(spelling??). Everything here is local, no big shop, no imports of fruits also.
Now for what you all want to know... the fruits! lots of good bananas (6 for 10cents), but for those whom only eat juicy fruits theres papaya, 30-50 cents each, also water melons, the best taste and price i found in kenya so far(1euro each, big ones), and let me say that we tried them everywhere we went!! also theres pinneaple, big one at 60-80 cents), the mangoes are a bit green, but taste good, 3 for 20 cents, the size of a fist. The transport cost 2 euro of gaz, and to pay the guy is about 3euro, twice a week.

So thats it, im enjoying the river, starting a 30 days fast very soon, i build a shelter for 6euro, all natural, mud and grass. I collected a bunch of papaya seeds, and about 200 mango seeds, and theres hopefully 16 varieties of melons beeing sent here from australia. So as long as we are broke, i will be seperated from my new brother and sister, sunshine and tanya, and i guess Nixon too now! But if i can get these 16 varieties of melons and papaya growing well they will come right away. Im preparing a nice seed camp for the community. So yhea, we have decided i should stay here, prepare the seed camp, fruktify the people, do my fast and enjoy the angel of rain alone... Perfect!! lol

So please, anyone willing to help us, contact me through e-mail. im espacilly talking to those whom are thinking about joining the community later!!

thanks for reading.

love love and more love!


  1. Hi Pom.. I finally just got around to sending you an interview..

    Have been following your project and am very impressed.. look forward to reading more!


  2. Hello Pom! I'm a 17 years old girl (soon to be 18 -less than a month, just a few days-) and I'm interested in helping your community. I'm not sure how to help, but I know there must be something I can do from here and possibly going there. I don't know if this was the best way to communicate with you, but it was a bit easier from me (i'm connecting from a phone). I'll be checking this every now and then.
    Peace, love and fruits -Alyson