Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pom on April 29, 2011

where should i start...


this includes a family of 6 kids, and another of 1 kid!!

I have open last monday the first fruitarian fruit shop!! a place where people can buy fruits anytime of the day, anytime of the week, of all the variety accesible,totomoko (soursop), papaya (the best i've had in kenya), bananas, kiwano, the guavas might get good, just started, and cherimoyas are coming, all at half the price!! So for about 50ksh (0.50euro)per day one can become fruitarian!! I only have to pay someone to get the fruits, wich i have to do anyway!!

is that enough good news??? i have more!!

i have been making friend with a local here by the name of Biti, he is the one with the 6 kids and a wife. He has been trying to make me understand what kind of impact my message would have on the people of his religion. And now i really understand, listen to this!!

they are against schools, claiming that the industries has made them, and the industries are the devil. They dryfast every couple of weeks for 2-4 days, they sing and pray when they plant, they are against music instruments, they don't take medecine, they are against money, but still use it thinking they have no choice, and complain about it very seriously as if they had no solution (not anymore), and don't go to church, they gather under a very nice tree on top of a hill.

Biti has been repeating to me that all of his community will become fruitarian as soon as they can... thats about a 1000 people... And i now beleive it!! this is a big news everyone!! Big big news!!! there is now 9 of them with us, but many more almost every day are joining!!

So everyone!! time to seriously take this in consideration, we need fruit tree seeds!!!!! tropical, sweet and juicy!! they have started planting their land as soon as i first told them you can live on fruits, and they keep asking me for seeds as if their life depended on it!!

This is the begining of something very big, so any help will be great, like someone to create a real website, showing the pictures of the fruitarian families, the babies beeing born, the lands, the fruits...

This could change the world forever!!!

on another subject, i still have problems with getting my land and shelter built, it will hopefully be done this week, then the healing continues!! I have already started planting, the rain season has finaly arrived, the river is insane!!!

what else.... please re-read!!!!

Don't be shy to send that link to anyone whom might be interested in helping, this project is flourishing, bigger than i ever thought.

heres a list of fruits we would like to have....

mango steen
longkong or langsat
star apple
sugar apple
asian palmyra palm


i don't really know these fruits, canadian boy has a lot to learn!!

thanks again to those whom has helped, thanks a lot!!

love and unity!!!!

Pom and friends

PS- i think the blog has been deleted by blogger, i was asking for donations, they might have taken me for a spamer...

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