Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tanya on December 2, 2010

Allright, so we are redefining some parameters for our natural fruitarian community.
We will have a transitional place with shelters (very basic ones) to protect ourselves from bugs until we set up our fruitarian environment and get used to a 100% natural life.
However, we still think that going back to Nature will be easier than we think now, cos our minds play tricks with us all the time! We have been programmed to think that, to doubt that natural life is all we need to heal our bodies, mind and soul and that we do need some kind of stuff (technology to various degrees) for living. This is completely false and actually, the hardest thing to do is to break the veil of this illusion. Mind and our thoughts prevent us to achieve complete freedom/healing. Society instilled in us the "fear" concept by making us feel sick and more sick everyday living an innatural life. We have lot of work to do, to purify ouselves, to detox physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually before re-gaining the complete connection with G-d/Nature.
Cos this is all about: trusting our Creator vs trusting one's ego.
Our journey, our adventure here is not just about "finding a physical (external) place where to start a fruit community", it's about finding a "place" inside of us where we can find our inner paradise.
A place in the heart of all of us that strive for being again One with G-d. We just have to listen to its flebile voice while living into this chaotic (egoistic) world and follow it.
And it is definitively worth the chance!

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