Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pom on April 8, 2011

Just a reminder.

weve been broke for a while now, after geting coned twice for many thousand dolars, and learning that sunshine's house can not be sold as easely as we found a extra cheep place to live. about 50 cents per week each....

The search had to continu, so i left the group on a bicicle, i biked 600km to get to meru national park, learned that it's more than perfect (houra!) and now im preparing a garden of melons.

It cost about 15euro each per week to live where i am. So a minimum of 50 euro per week could do it.

So sunshine, tanya and nixon are on the coast, waiting for me to get a garden that will substain 4 to 7 fruitarian, at least, or until we get enough donations, or sunshine's house gets sold!

So let me say it one more time... if anyone wants to help now its a good time!!!
The way we live shows what is our next step: to renonce money completely. We are not to far from that, the people READY to join us are not far behind also...

We seriously do our best

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