Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tanya on February 7

We came in Kenya with this vision: find a large area of land that is next to a mountain containing a range of altitudes from 2000 mts asl down to 400 mts asl. With these altitudes we can grow both temperate and tropical fruits and we would be able to move through the property according to the seasons and weather conditions. The challenges inherent in achieving this as former omnivorous city-living folks have been vast. We still aim to be 100% natural but at the present moment we are willing to compromise and use basic shelters and some technology (tools, clothing...) At this stage we have not given up this dream and will continue to pursue this vision.

The reality we face now is that we need a base-camp somewhere natural/peaceful/fruitfriendly where we can gather resources, healing ourselves but most of all, a place where we can welcome PEOPLE committed to the project both from nearby areas and abroad.

We find ourselves now near KIPINI in coastal Kenya. This is not the paradise we are looking for but seems to have everything we need to set up a base-camp.

There's an abundance of cheap and extremely fertile land (we can buy a 15 acres property with some existing fruit trees for 2000 euros only!)

There's good supply of local fruits including:

big mangoes (10 cents each),

papayas (20 cents each)

pineapples (acidic ones, 50 cents),

some watermelons (2,5kg for 60 cents each),

bananas (various kind, 10 cents for 4 pieces)

young coconuts ( 15 cents each)

certainly good and cheap enough to live very easily until the property we take can feed us.

We plan to grow melons and many fruit trees, fructifying this land and local peole, drawing interested people to us (i.e. YOU! :)) and using this as a step towards our greater vision. Up to now has been just the three of us, but this task requires much more support.

So, if you are looking to create something good in this life and want to be part of an evolving peace/loving community, then pls, come and join us. With your support/help this dream can become a reality.



- Money to live off until we are self sufficient on fruit. We estimated an average of 20 $ per week.

Money to contribute for buying land, transports (car or motorbikes).

- A laptop with a solar charger (internet costs are very cheap and you can get very easily an internet key, only 1 computer is needed)

- Bring seeds. Quality Organic fruit trees and melons seeds.

You do not need any vaccination to enter Kenya and you get a VISA (3 months visa for 25$, which is easy to extend afterwards) directly at the airport.

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