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the beggining, september 24th 2010

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Friday, September 24, 2010

the beggining

hello hello!
Ì'm Pomme. I can say that i truely understood the meaning of beeing a fruitarian. I understand what my body is truely used to, what we have truely adapted too, what he wants, what he needs, and that without these things, there is a lack, if i lack something, it creates a disconnection with what i have been considering sacred already for many years now, the connection with the source, purity, nature.
Let me introduce myself...
for 6 years i have been traveling in north america, canada, forest to forest, i live outside, 4 seasons/year, i move every season, build my camp, harvest the resources around, make some money in the nearby farms, play music, sell what i harvest from nature, etc... I also lived with the first nations for a couple of years, the haidas, the carriers, cris, and mostly the algonquinns. They have been teaching me very much, but now i realize how unimportant this was, for the human beeing is not meant to live in such conditions. The natural habitat of the human is equatorial!

I just came back from a journey to europe. I left quebec last month with my friend and her 6 months old baby, to go to the first annual fruitarian/breatharian festival, the fruktifest. We got there late, for we learned about the festival not soon enough, but we did meet a breathariam. Then 7 of us, fruitarians, left to continue our journey after the festival to south of spain to find a land where we could start a community of fruitarians. It was amazing, we found a micro-climat, we ate from the trees for every meal, we were naked the entire time, and debating and talking about all the greatness of the fruitarian life we should have and how we will make this community come to life, for 3 weeks we lived that way.

So now you know, i have been living in the forest for 6 years now, also lived in communities that i considered my family (i have been in the same one now in the deep forest of quebec with 14 other rainbow brothers and sisters among the first nations the algonquinns for 2 years), so i am well trained for creating a community.

If there is one of you whom truely understand the meaning of fruitarianism, not just the diet, but the way of living that we lived for millions of years, will quit everything to join this new life.

Right now the community is alive, there are 2 that are prospecting the canary islands, they are living the almost-fruitarian life as we speak, And they are expecting more people to arrive soon. If the canary islands are not ideal for our community, we are not afraid to move. Expect the very best, the promise land, for we know it is there somewhere, and that we only forgot we can go back to it.

As for me, i had to come back to quebec, some people are depending on me for many things. But while im here, i will do my best to get into friendship with whomever wants to quit all the intoxication of this fake human life, and join our community, for we realize the importance of the community, it is the core of it all, we need many people!

I am doing this for our children, so i am thinking long term, i am serious.

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we are fruitarian said...

i am finaly leaving quebec this week, will join my italien friends, a woman from andalouse, and a wonderer from everywhere! lol, he has a blog, chek it out! http://thefruitsolution.wordpress.com/

We will be pioneers, the needed visionnaries, thefools, the zeros of the zodiac...to make it happen.

Let the magic beggin!
October 11, 2010 12:50 PM
Miloš said...

I would like to join you right now. But dont have money at the moment for sucha long way from England. If it´s ment to be miracle will happen nad I will join you soon.
October 21, 2010 11:56 AM

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