Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tanya on February 11

We have been visiting the Rift Valley and we sojourned in very remote villages where "musungus" (means white people) are not very often seen so the people - especially children - were either scared or excited by looking at us... and yeah, especially the first days we have been greeted very heavily (we shaked hands countless times!) by the local people but after a while people got used to us and they just did not care anymore...

Here where we are now, people are much more used to musungus, because of Malindi and Lamu, touristic places around here, so they often see them on the bus just passing by...

English - together with Kishwahili - is the national language so nearly everybody here speak this language and we had no problem whatsoever in dealing with people, even in very remote areas...

Here in Kenya there are no many thieves because if somebody try to rob you, then he will risk to be robbed as well by other connationals... there's a thing here called "social control"... people here are very well connected to each other and it is not like western countries where you could literally die in the street without anybody helping you because they are scared you might be a drug addict... kenyans are very friendly and very much opened to the fruit message. I think because almost everybody here has got a piece of land with fruit trees and ate lots of fruits because...there were days in which they had nothing else to eat... They seem very much to understand the importance of fruit and the importance of living a natural, quiet life, like the one we want.

You know, at first when we chose Kenya I was a bit concerned because of all the things you hear on TV about Africa: famine, sicknessess, lack of food, lack of hygiene, poverty etc... but this is merely bad propaganda!

Here is full of fruits everywhere, good, organic fruits! Soil is virgin and very fertile.

We are now in the dry season but still there's lot of fruit.

People live very simply, they are kind and friendly.

Here is a good place if you wanna live naturally because everybody here lives a very simple life. There's lot of nature all around! These people only need to switch to fruitarian diet and they'll be ready to live very naturally because they are almost doing it already!

If I had visited Kenya 3 years ago - when I was a VERY spoilty city girl not interested in natural and simple living - than ofcourse it all would have seemed like a "poor 3rd World Country"...

It is very safe here, for sure.

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  1. Tanya.. I would love to interview you and get more thoughts on your views of where you are at!?

    You wrote the word Musungus.. did you know that msungu is a word that originally means "the dizzy one" because the white people went into the midday sun and got dizzy.. I believe msungu is a singular.. the plural is wsungu.. the "m" denotes a singular noun in Ki-Swahili, and "w" is a plural..

    let me know if you are up for the interview?!