Friday, June 10, 2011

Things running smoothly, need donations

This community I hope will be about learning from our inner and higher self, not from anyone else. The cleaner the food, the cleaner the body, and the cleaner the body, the cleaner the connection to the universe and all of its mystery. I explain that in the faq section of the website.

Everything is running smoothly here. Many people have said they are coming; some have their plane ticket bought already. Right now there are 3 minds at work that are 100% committed, with between 5 to 8 workers per day. The nursery is getting big, the 3rd shelter is being built. Tomorrow we will water 2 acres or so to plant the nitrogen fixing plants to help the soil. And locals keep joining.

What we need right now are donations, so much! The people that will join will only be good at healing themselves, showing the examples to others, and slowly returning to nature. A very peaceful life away from stimulations.

Pics to come!

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