Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lots of news here!


Sorry everyone!! But if you were here you would understand!

So here is the news, there are a lot of updates!!

The shop shut down two months ago due to a lack of donations for about three
days. About fifteen local fruitarians went back to cooked food
immediately. I kept it shut as it was too much trouble and expense to

The locals have stopped joining us for now and I no longer stay in public.
I didn't leave the base camp for more than two months. Instead I
focused deeply on myself and the land.

There remain four locals who are 100% fruitarians for five months now,
or should I say 100% bananas... They are doing great!! One has
joined last week, he's moved in with us and has become the ''foreman''
of the base camp. This is much less pressure for me!

New members are joining, Zack arrived on the 13th of August, he
will have a profile on the ABOUT US section of the website very soon.
Micheal (banana ninja) came for a month and left on the 19th
of August. He did a nine day fast and has received and enjoyed the
teachings of Baba, another new member of the community (see ABOUT US
section of the website).
There is also Peter, his wife and baby. They live next door which is
about 25 minutes walk from us.
Peter is with us most of the time or outside doing things for the community.
Finely for now there is Kimathi, we gave him a full time job, so he
moved with us and was already very interested in
fruitarianism before arriving. He is now fruitarian too. Again, many are coming,
some with plane tickets already bought, some getting rid of all their
belongings to join us, and many many are dreaming about coming. lol.

The garden is growing, we are focusing on honeydew melon, papaya and
bananas. We have planted about 100 fruit trees, mangoes, champedak,
jackfruit, loquats, cherimoya, mullberries, soursop, and another that we
just dont know the name of but its as good as a mango...so mysterious! We
have about one and half acre's planted. There will be many more details
about the garden coming soon, so much to say!! Lets just say for now that we are
presently into getting the video of Goeff Lawton about creating a
fruit forest, the permaculture way. Check out the video if you can!

Regarding famine in East Africa!! Its very nasty here, people are suffering a
lot, so we are doing our best to help as many families as possible.
Right now we have about thirty workers, which is about twenty-five families with
absolutely nothing. Peter knows their suffering and tells them to
come to us for work. We hire four workers per day and pay with 5kg of
maze, which cost
us 250ksh (kenya shiling). This is about 3$. We ask them come back every
couple of days. An example is that if one woman comes and has no
husband, 6 children
and nothing else, we ask her come back every two-three days, or if she has two
children, every four-five days. This way we can help alot of families.
People have now given me
the name of Mutethia, which means the helper!!

More about the famine... You all know how Unicef and other
corporations that are suppose to help the famine people are not the
most trust worthy organisations, the money doesn't always get to the children or
families who need it. So here is the chance to help everyone!! We are
right in the effects of the
famine and mothers are coming every week to give me their babies.
Time to make a little fund raiser request please guys!!
All donations gratefully received, after the small transfer fees and
currency exchange rates, will
go directly to the people who need it most. There is a good
opportunity to help here!!!

For those who wonder about our security do not worry, we are very
respected and all the locals know that we have no technology to steal.
Most of the locals are under the impression that we have no money either!!
I think this is because I was begging for a few coins or working
really hard to make 300ksh per day
for many weeks and with wearing the same dirty clothes for months... I
went to the market on a market day recently and no one came to me for
begging, which is very good!!

We now have a small laptop, we leave it at Peter's home, which is about 25
minutes walk from here, but we are still trying to figure out how to make it
work...It keeps logging off!!

As for our lifestyle, its still very peaceful, we just meditate most
of the day and chat, swim, enjoy the beings living with us like bugs,
monkeys, birds, fish, even elephants! We also got a bunch of baby
chickens to eat the bugs and worms on the melons, and two eight weeks old
puppies should be with us in about two weeks time. We work sometimes,
supervise mostly and teach a bit to those interested. We sungaze alot and I
exercise by swimming laps.
We are mono-dieting on the local mangoes, not the big grafted ones. We
can get other fruits but
we really don't need anything else other than those mangoes, they are so good!

Thinking local and always asking ourselves if we really need it
is a good way to live peacefully. We have many fruits available like
oranges, pineapple, water melons, honey dew melons, two kinds of passion
fruits (one sweet and the other acid), grapes, local apples, many varieties
of bananas, strawberries, avocados and more, but we figure that local
mangoes and local papayas are the best choices, and our bodies really
like mono-dieting. Healing ourselves is our priority and organising
the basecamp is not so much work now that we have Kimathi!!
So now its really all about going back to our inner and higher selves
and Nature!! A life with less stimulation of the senses! This is
something to think about!

As for me, my twenty-three day fast did not go so well, I had no
supervision at all,
no books, no one to talk to, and I really should have eaten only fruits
for many weeks before (I ate cooked food for a while...bleugh). My
next fast is coming shortly, this time much longer I hope. Im sure
the detox will be more smoother, especially emotionally, I
hope so anyway! Zack is starting a fast in the next few days, he is
already detoxing like I've never seen before, its going to be quite something
to witness! lol

What else... Im adopting our first child!! She's in the family of the
owners of the land we live on, Peter's
wife's niece, her mother gave birth to her in a jail and is not coming
back. There is no father around,
the grandmother (mother of Peter's wife) is taking care of her, but its very
difficult for her. The child's name is Kananou, she is 3 years old.
Kananou is not shy with me
like all the other babies are, it really surprised me!!
Im in contact with an orphanage and everything is ok, even if i only
give the baby fruits,
they said we can take care of many children if we wanted, no problem at all!
Even long term! More news about that soon.

So everyone please, i must ask you to read the F.A.Q. section a few
times before writing with questions. I don't like going on the
computer and I'm not planning on going online often.

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