Monday, September 2, 2013

News from Canada!

Long time no see!!!

Glad to finally have the feeling of writing! So so so.... 
we are now 6! 
The funding is increasing a lot everyday! 
We are NOT in Costa-Rica! 
but in Canada!!
and we are still 100% dedicated to the creation of this raw community in Costa-Rica!! 

But don't worry, were coming back soon!

So much have happened, first we left Costa-Rica in May, me (Pom) and Francois, to first Quebec, Canada, for 2 weeks, then we moved to western Canada, where we worked in the wild north, i mean really north! picking Morel mushrooms, the pay was good, but not enough! The very good thing about it is that we have met Renard, or Emmanuel Lavigne, whom became Fruitarian and a very good friend. So the 3 of us then moved to Southern British-Colombia, in the semi-desert of the Okanagan valley, where we started picking cherries. There again, we made new friends!! Mathieu and Mirenda, both from Quebec, like me and Francois. We totally fell in love, especially when Mathieu told me that he was going to Costa-Rica this winter to look for land.... Surprise! After a few weeks of travelling/working together, they both decided to join us is this epic adventure. So now we have a van that we bought together, we have finished cherry picking, Renard left us after 3 months of working/travelling together back to his musician life in Montreal,  and me, Francois, Mathieu and Miranda are now going to California for more farm work, after the next contract, ending in about 2-3 months, the 4 of should be joining Randy and Sterenn in Costa-Rica in around November-December. 

Ho i forgot to mention about Randy and Sterenn, the couple we met in Costa-Rica, they are still in the project, but they also went back to their countries (Swiss and France) to make more money for the project and other things. We have been corresponding via Skype. 

We have been working a lot on the website in the mean time, i advise everyone to re-read all of it, its like brand new! There you will find the latest thoughts on the project, but to be clear, what we are focusing on is to find people ready to invest, who we get along with, and who will fit with our vision for when it will  be time to establish the foundation of the community. In other words, we want to find the right people, and when it will be time to buy the land, these people will be the ones that will launch the first guidelines of the community, like about land division, education, sexuality, animals, rules etc...  This way we are opening ourselves a lot more to people, which is what we need, nice and ready people are hard to find!! 

We see that many people are liking our facebook page, and we encourage you to share and like it even more! Let's spread out the word!! 

We hope we will hear from any of you, the time of buying land is coming, the first team is the most important, if any of you are considering moving to the wet tropics, to plant fruit trees, to live with like minded people, and who loves simplicity of life, it's really time you seriously consider us!! Many people talk about doing this, but no one does it... But we are doing it right now!! let's get going guys!!

love and unity to all!!

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