Sunday, March 2, 2014

funny winter news in Costa-Rica

i (Pom) am the only one that couldn't come to CR this winter, lack of funds... but the craziest thing happened, out of all the fruitarians who came for the project, which is about 8 people, only 1 turned out to have kinda of similar vision as us... Some choose to leave and get rich to possibly come back later (Mathieu), chemistry hasn't been been all that good with some, and others choose the Instincto diet, which is not vegan at all... there is a huge movement of instinctos over there in Puerto-Viejo area, , and they have influenced many fruitarians to start eating meat... following certain natural cravings. My opinion is that they don't understand the importance of eating huge amounts of greens! To us it is very important to have a community that doesn't allow animal suffering, some even talk about having cattle... and some turned out to be not fully raw, they want to be allowed to cook some food in their own houses...

The goal of this winter was to regroup as many fruitarians together and see if the chemistry with one another was good, and see the vision of each other to see what kind of community could be formed. So far there is us, with the fruitarian community project, with our vision stated on our website Then there might be a instincto eco-village that will be a neighborhood kind of place, not community base, they haven't setup a vision or any structure, but the people and some will is there to be found.

So now our goal is to try the same thing as we did all year last year, to find people to come to CR next winter to do like what we intended this winter, check out the chemistry of each other and the vision of each other, while searching for land, living together, playing and working together. We have a house that we (not me...) are renting, very beautiful, 15 minute walk form the ocean, 650$ per month, or there is other ones too, even way cheaper. But anyway, we have a long ways to go until then, we are thinking of going to fruitaran gatherings, as many as possible. Many people have contacted me already, ready to come to Costa-Rica next winter. Francois is even thinking about spending the next winter in Thailand and represent the project in fruitarian gatherings. Even though he wants the same kind of community as me, he really wants to have the option to cook food on the land because he never succeeded to be 100% raw for more than a few months in a row. So that's a problem, or challenge, but he had been working in the project for over a year and is 100% committed to the fruitarian community project, well, his vision of it anyway, we are till good partners in this project.

I'm in Vancouver, Canada, working in landscaping, trying to connect with other loving fruit lovers in the area... 

For any questions don't be shy to contact me or Francois, my e-mail is and his is

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