Thursday, March 21, 2013

Caribbeans, ya man!!

Hello everyone!

we are now on the Caribbean side of Costa-Rica, quite amazing!!

After Rebecca and I left the group to search for a comfortable place
to move the entire group here in the Caribbeans, we found an amazing
group of raw families!! Two of them are raw-vegan, the other one is
Instincto, so not vegan.

The first family is Erek and Alexandra, from Poland, they follow
something very close to the 80-10-10 diet, been this way for about 5-6
years, been looking for land in Costa-Rica for 1 year, and only a few
days ago, they found land!! 2 and a half hectares, just neighboring
the place where the 3 families live. They have a 3 year old daughter,
absolutely amazing little girl. They have many great information on
Costa-Rica, for legal stuff and how to deal with this and that.
Alexandra is a real encyclopedia, very interesting person!!

Then there is Sandra and Yorg, she from Swiss, and he from Germany,
they live in France, but are here to maybe buy land, and create a raw
community. They have 2 kids, one of 4 years old, absolutely cute boy,
and a 17months girl, with the most beautiful smile in the world. He
has been raw for 20 years, and Sandra for about 7 years i think...
They are both very free spirits, travellers, very beautiful energies, I have
 been connecting well with them very much. They are going back in France
 in 2 months, to make some money and hopefully come back.

Then there is Konstantin and Sonya, both from Germany, She has been
Eating like that for 16 years, and him for around 7. They have 2
babies, one is a girl, 3 years old, very shy and playful, the other is
7 months old, a boy, the chubbiest baby I've ever seen!! They have
been searching for land for 2 years, and they have gathered A
LOT of information. They have been also looking to buy something huge,
like 100 hectares for example, they have the money. Me and Francois
are not to keen to join their project, lack of connection energy wise,
and different values too; they aren't vegan, they eat raw meat. We are
working together right now to find land, we think that if they find
land, we could probably find land next to them, so we could create our
project close to them, or buy land from them, after all, having a raw
neighborhood would be great!

Finally, we have met Randy, 28 years old, fruitarian since 6 years
ago, very healthy, intelligent and especially independent. We are
presently renting a house with him, in Hone Creek, . We are about 10 minutes walk from the other
3 families. He is in Costa-Rica to buy land, he is presently looking
with Konstantin and Sonya, but wants to buy land adjacent to them, and
maybe join them in the future.

SO about the place.....

It is amazing!! I have been traveling a lot into places that are
famous to have lots of dreadlocks around, and Ive never seen so many
in one place!! Here there is a huge alternative community, the market
in Puerto Viejo is filled with organic produces, people sell-out most
of the time! Seeing that gave me the desire to do the same. Market
days here are like a great mingle of interesting people coming from
all over the world, its very nice!!

The price of the land is affordable, the only place so far in
Costa-Rica! We are looking at land between 2k and 4k per hectares,
this is really cheap for Costa-Rica.

The climate is also amazing, its low altitude, so you think, no way!
to hot!! well think again, there is a nice cool breeze from the ocean,
and the rain also cools the place down, so its barely every too hot!
I've been here for 2 weeks, and been uncomfortable by the heat for
only 2-3 days. Here it rains at night, usually, making our lives much
easier. There's about 3.400mm of rain per year, so its a lot. Here it
is probably the best place in Costa-Rica to grow fruits!!!!!!! There
is barely any dry season, so perfect for Durian! here the Durian
season can go up to 7 months!!! yes! fruits here really thrives. the
topography is very hilly, with terraces, very easy to find land with
astonishing views. There are creeks almost everywhere, tiny, but good.
It is difficult to find creeks or rivers where we can bath, but we
think of making pools and ponds ourselves. Also, to finish, the
Caribbean side is surrounded with pristine virgin forest, mostly
protected, you can see it on the map.

What else... the crime here so far is kind of high, we heard of people
getting mugged, like Konstentin and Yorg the other day by a guy with a
knife... and other stories too, lots of drugs and alcohol. We are in a
small village, quiet but not so quiet.... So far it doesn't worry me,
Francois either, and the others also.

So as for Michael and Yasmín... Michael will be with us in about 1 or 2
weeks, he is house-sitting with Yasmín near
San Isidro in a lovely house. After Yasmín will go back
to Quepos, on the Pacific side, to do a 40 days
retreat aiming to strengthen in her center and being more fully at service for
 the mission... We are doing many Skype conferences, and will continue to do so.

As for plans, Michael will go to France in mid-April for 2 and a half
weeks.. Francois will also leave around that time, to Quebec, to put money
 aside for the project. Finally I will beleaving also, a bit later to work in
 Northern Alberta or Yukonterritory, don't know yet, depends on where
the most mushrooms will be, because my friend called me up and invited me
 to pick wild mushrooms (Morel), Michael might join me also. We seriously
 think it will be an amazing season. Randy will also depart, in one month, to make
 money in Switzerland,his home country.

Living in Costa-Rica is relatively expensive, that's the reason we are all doing
this. Land, food, materials, everything is expensive!!

Ho and those who wounder about Rebecca, she is renting a house where
the 3 raw families live, she is doing her own thing, taking it one day
at a time, and feels like keeping it local, as in not moving to much.
She isn't part of the circles no more, but watches us carefully, she
will be more of a neighbor, hopefully!

We found some possible land to purchase already, but we need more
people so we can buy the land together, so again, if you are....
 -Independent (financially also)
-Mentally strong
-With great level of emotional maturity
-Someone who get along with each other in a community environment
-Not shy to tell about what they like and what they need
-of course, one with our vision...
Then we would love to have you on board!!

Hope to hear from you!!

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  1. Thank you for always taking the time to post the many details of your adventures. It is meaningful and inspiring to me and I'm sure many others.