Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Great things are happening, we have a new team!! not the one in
Panama, Ted and George have a vision to far from ours, but we still
hope to work with them in the future, hopefully as close neighbors. Francois and I realized it during the Vipassana meditation retreat that we just finished (really
amazing experience!!), and surprisingly when we finished it, Rebecca
mailed us saying that she felt the same, and decided to get her self
going and left to....NICARAGUA!!! Great surprise!! During our absence
she also understood that she did not have similar vision as Francois
and I, about simply that she wants to have complete freedom over
everything, Francois and I want to have some rules, or guidelines,
like having a 100% raw community. 

We have met another group of raw vegans, Micheal and Yasmine, we share
very many similar values, and they are ready to get land now!! which
is great!! but they don't want to be 100% raw as a rule, like
Rebecca. Now we have been doing many circles, brainstorming, Francois,
Micheal, Yasmine and I, and we figured that we should join hands and
find land together, and have 2 different projects on the land. Just like with Rebecca and maybe even Ted and George.

So we are now going to Nicaragua, heard its almost like Bolivia, like
really poor, kind of like Kenya, i like that a lot, so far there are
few more aspects about Nicaragua, we will be discussing that another
time when we know more.

We are starting to scout for land tomorrow!! exiting!!! The more we
are, the more we can buy land at first, and the more hectares we buy,
the cheaper it is per hectare. Also we simply want a big family to
co-create with!!

We are actively looking for new members to buy land with, so if you are...
-Independent (financially also)
-Mentally strong
-With great level of emotional maturity
-Someone who get along with each other in a community environment
-Not shy to tell about what they like and what they need
-of course, one with our vision...

we will be happy to meet you!!

peace and fruits to you all!!

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