Thursday, January 17, 2013

New friends

Today we are leaving the group me and François, Rebecca will stay behind at a youth hostel, the others are going back to Panama city for a week, to meet with Rebecca back here afterwards in El valle. For François and i we will not come back in a week, for we will first go back to the first farm we went too, Rawtreat, to work until Vipassana!!! yes, finally it almost now, but unfortunately Rebecca wont be with us for this great experience, she did one very recently, and doest feel like doing another so quickly after. So François and I will be separated from the group for a total of 18 days... big break, Rebecca and the others will continue the circles without us though. 

So about the meetings.... 
We are almost done defining the Vision, which is really the first big step in creating a community. Then we need to define the Mission, then the short, medium and long term goals, i hope to be back for most of them! So theres progress, slowly.... Also we found good friendship withGeorge Schwartz Hilbert and Ted Carr, together we really hope to create something together, we will be writing more about ti all when we have more writing down. Bless you all!!

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