Friday, October 7, 2011

october 7 2011

Heres some details and great news about the project, lots of people arre coming, and so many wants to know details, i understand, joining a community is not a small step!

The 1 acre that is sandy-loam, flat, and right next to the river has a great advantage, anything we grow outer than melons will reach the underground water very quickly, so we wont need to water them, like bananas (60), and papayas (about 120). we are intercroping with trees, there is a bunch in the nursary, but not many have germinated, maybe 50-70, wich is still good.

the rest of the land is sandy-clay. Since labor is very cheap, we dug holes of 2 feet wide by 1 foot deep, all over half a acre, and filled the holes with the sandy loam from by the river. They use a weel barrow, 2 guys are bring it up, and there you go! the melons are amazing, ive researched on internet about peoples results, and we are breaking records!! first melons came after only 7 weeks! (galia melons) At that time we did no pruning, we where damaging the leaves a lot, underwatering, and we wouldnt put pestices (now we use garlic). Now we have hired a "water boy", he is learning every day, and his job is especially to never touch the leaves of the melons, otherwise creating stress, therefor the plant has a weak immune system to repell the pests naturaly. We pay him 20 euro per month, and he is very happy, he works 12 hours per day, watched over the monkeys, and waters the fruits, very easy job, ho yhea he is cooking too. His name is Cairo, about 30 years old. So when the rain comes, we will have at least 2 acres dug out, but this time with bigger holes, putting more healthy soil from by the river. When we were digging the holes, it was like now, during the dry season, so the ground it like rock, one worker could make about 10-15 holes per day, but when the soil will be wet, it will be many, many more holes. Then we need to fill them up, tuff job, only one weel barrow, then we must install the dripline irrigation system. One man i have met recently and briefly has told me that he put that system on his land, ant it cost him only 6000kshs, that about 45euro... but the store said it cost 35000ksh... im sending peter soon to visit this man.

So the flat land by the river is also beeing used for a irrigation system, using the water pump, using gasoline... we presently have 60m square, and just about to expend to 130-140 metre square, thats about a quarter acre. with this we are expecting to make about 1000 to 4000kshs 70-33euro) per day, wich is a lot of money, the community right now has been costing about 30-50 000kshs per month (220-350euro) But we will not make that much money for another 2 months at least. One thing is good about it, i mean very good, is that the demand is unlimited, absolutely!! So anything we grow (tomatoes and kale) we sell for shure, we are the only grower for kilometres, many people come with their bicycle from lower regions, and bike up to a very far town, they buy there, then brings everything back down, sometimes 35kms away.

we are building another shelter, pics might come, the last 2 shelters that have built are very simple, its like sleeping outside. The shelters that we can se on the website are very luxury if you ask me...

ho yhea, i must say!!! the 2 girls that we adopted have left! the grand-mother is using them, and she did not undersand that we were taking FULL CHARGE of them, so whatever... i had a meeting yesterday with the man kind of in charge of all the children organization in Tharaka, our aria. He said we will get kids LEGALLY within this month, i hope its true!!

talk about adoption, we got 2 puppies now! i pulled out about 100 worms out of each of them, poor things! we tried feeding them avocatoes, bananas and melons, but they wouldnt eat anything, even after 3 days. So we took 2 goats from peter, one of them has milk, the other for company, to prevent the other from screaming all the time. So they are drinking that milk, and we give them some boiled maze mixed with boiled beans (here they cal that "githeri), its the food of the workers, yes we are now cooking for the workers... the fruit supply is getting worse and worse, the drought is really hiting! it was a big decision, we are doing that to save money also.

So what else... I broke my small toe or fractured... or somewhere around there, cant move any of my toes, my foot is blue... 2 days now. pain is horrible, wich means i still have lots of toxins in my blood, im a bit disapointing! i mean, 23 days of fasting!! come on! lol Ill be ok, im fasting again, dont know for how long, maybe until full recovery?

We are strugling very much to eat, its sooo bad, Zak went back to avocatoes, i stoped after getting so sick from them, i must say i was eating about 6 per day... they are so easy to find! 2 more months before mangoe season, or 6 weeks, then we have 4-5 months to make the melon garden aboundant.

the river is so clear, very low also, wich means the rain has to be around the corner.

the river is so nice...

no news from niya, and her plain ticket was for today... i hope she just wants to suprise

Its getting hot, summer is there, its getting sweaty at night.

tarzan living is really nice.

what else...


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lots of news here!


Sorry everyone!! But if you were here you would understand!

So here is the news, there are a lot of updates!!

The shop shut down two months ago due to a lack of donations for about three
days. About fifteen local fruitarians went back to cooked food
immediately. I kept it shut as it was too much trouble and expense to

The locals have stopped joining us for now and I no longer stay in public.
I didn't leave the base camp for more than two months. Instead I
focused deeply on myself and the land.

There remain four locals who are 100% fruitarians for five months now,
or should I say 100% bananas... They are doing great!! One has
joined last week, he's moved in with us and has become the ''foreman''
of the base camp. This is much less pressure for me!

New members are joining, Zack arrived on the 13th of August, he
will have a profile on the ABOUT US section of the website very soon.
Micheal (banana ninja) came for a month and left on the 19th
of August. He did a nine day fast and has received and enjoyed the
teachings of Baba, another new member of the community (see ABOUT US
section of the website).
There is also Peter, his wife and baby. They live next door which is
about 25 minutes walk from us.
Peter is with us most of the time or outside doing things for the community.
Finely for now there is Kimathi, we gave him a full time job, so he
moved with us and was already very interested in
fruitarianism before arriving. He is now fruitarian too. Again, many are coming,
some with plane tickets already bought, some getting rid of all their
belongings to join us, and many many are dreaming about coming. lol.

The garden is growing, we are focusing on honeydew melon, papaya and
bananas. We have planted about 100 fruit trees, mangoes, champedak,
jackfruit, loquats, cherimoya, mullberries, soursop, and another that we
just dont know the name of but its as good as a mysterious! We
have about one and half acre's planted. There will be many more details
about the garden coming soon, so much to say!! Lets just say for now that we are
presently into getting the video of Goeff Lawton about creating a
fruit forest, the permaculture way. Check out the video if you can!

Regarding famine in East Africa!! Its very nasty here, people are suffering a
lot, so we are doing our best to help as many families as possible.
Right now we have about thirty workers, which is about twenty-five families with
absolutely nothing. Peter knows their suffering and tells them to
come to us for work. We hire four workers per day and pay with 5kg of
maze, which cost
us 250ksh (kenya shiling). This is about 3$. We ask them come back every
couple of days. An example is that if one woman comes and has no
husband, 6 children
and nothing else, we ask her come back every two-three days, or if she has two
children, every four-five days. This way we can help alot of families.
People have now given me
the name of Mutethia, which means the helper!!

More about the famine... You all know how Unicef and other
corporations that are suppose to help the famine people are not the
most trust worthy organisations, the money doesn't always get to the children or
families who need it. So here is the chance to help everyone!! We are
right in the effects of the
famine and mothers are coming every week to give me their babies.
Time to make a little fund raiser request please guys!!
All donations gratefully received, after the small transfer fees and
currency exchange rates, will
go directly to the people who need it most. There is a good
opportunity to help here!!!

For those who wonder about our security do not worry, we are very
respected and all the locals know that we have no technology to steal.
Most of the locals are under the impression that we have no money either!!
I think this is because I was begging for a few coins or working
really hard to make 300ksh per day
for many weeks and with wearing the same dirty clothes for months... I
went to the market on a market day recently and no one came to me for
begging, which is very good!!

We now have a small laptop, we leave it at Peter's home, which is about 25
minutes walk from here, but we are still trying to figure out how to make it
work...It keeps logging off!!

As for our lifestyle, its still very peaceful, we just meditate most
of the day and chat, swim, enjoy the beings living with us like bugs,
monkeys, birds, fish, even elephants! We also got a bunch of baby
chickens to eat the bugs and worms on the melons, and two eight weeks old
puppies should be with us in about two weeks time. We work sometimes,
supervise mostly and teach a bit to those interested. We sungaze alot and I
exercise by swimming laps.
We are mono-dieting on the local mangoes, not the big grafted ones. We
can get other fruits but
we really don't need anything else other than those mangoes, they are so good!

Thinking local and always asking ourselves if we really need it
is a good way to live peacefully. We have many fruits available like
oranges, pineapple, water melons, honey dew melons, two kinds of passion
fruits (one sweet and the other acid), grapes, local apples, many varieties
of bananas, strawberries, avocados and more, but we figure that local
mangoes and local papayas are the best choices, and our bodies really
like mono-dieting. Healing ourselves is our priority and organising
the basecamp is not so much work now that we have Kimathi!!
So now its really all about going back to our inner and higher selves
and Nature!! A life with less stimulation of the senses! This is
something to think about!

As for me, my twenty-three day fast did not go so well, I had no
supervision at all,
no books, no one to talk to, and I really should have eaten only fruits
for many weeks before (I ate cooked food for a while...bleugh). My
next fast is coming shortly, this time much longer I hope. Im sure
the detox will be more smoother, especially emotionally, I
hope so anyway! Zack is starting a fast in the next few days, he is
already detoxing like I've never seen before, its going to be quite something
to witness! lol

What else... Im adopting our first child!! She's in the family of the
owners of the land we live on, Peter's
wife's niece, her mother gave birth to her in a jail and is not coming
back. There is no father around,
the grandmother (mother of Peter's wife) is taking care of her, but its very
difficult for her. The child's name is Kananou, she is 3 years old.
Kananou is not shy with me
like all the other babies are, it really surprised me!!
Im in contact with an orphanage and everything is ok, even if i only
give the baby fruits,
they said we can take care of many children if we wanted, no problem at all!
Even long term! More news about that soon.

So everyone please, i must ask you to read the F.A.Q. section a few
times before writing with questions. I don't like going on the
computer and I'm not planning on going online often.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Things running smoothly, need donations

This community I hope will be about learning from our inner and higher self, not from anyone else. The cleaner the food, the cleaner the body, and the cleaner the body, the cleaner the connection to the universe and all of its mystery. I explain that in the faq section of the website.

Everything is running smoothly here. Many people have said they are coming; some have their plane ticket bought already. Right now there are 3 minds at work that are 100% committed, with between 5 to 8 workers per day. The nursery is getting big, the 3rd shelter is being built. Tomorrow we will water 2 acres or so to plant the nitrogen fixing plants to help the soil. And locals keep joining.

What we need right now are donations, so much! The people that will join will only be good at healing themselves, showing the examples to others, and slowly returning to nature. A very peaceful life away from stimulations.

Pics to come!

Friday, May 27, 2011

please read and think about the implications that it has.

Damm!! we are broke again!!

we did a few mistakes, such as landing waaaay to much money!! so now the fruitarian shop is threatening to close!! that means 20 fruitarians will have nothing to eat!!

heres a new passage of our new website,

To give everyone an idea of how we will use the money...
Lets say we get 2000 euros...
With that i will have maybe all the seeds i need for the 80 acres sreaming to be planted, ill hire 2-3 guys full time for at least 2 months, buy a beter water pump, ill build more shelters to create my fasting retreat, the shop will have more fruits, less bananas and more papaya, and it will be garanty to be running until our gardens give enough fruits.
Don't forget that i'm in Kenya, everything is ver very cheap!!

Now let's say we would get 100 euros...
we would build more water tanks for the local fruitarians that needs it to cover their lands with fruits only. We could run the shop for another 2 month, or we could even open an other shop that is actually on demand. Without forgeting the urgent need for seeds.

lets talk about that fruitarian shop some more, again, here is a extract of our website, in the F.A.Q> section...

Tell me about that shop, how does it run?
That shop is the core of this project. The people are influencing each
other, soooo much! heres how it goes... The shop is at the market
called Saouri, not many people grow fruits there. All the fruits are
at 16 km away, in a market called Kunati. The market days are monday,
wednesday, and friday. So each of those days, i send 3 guys (soon 4,
then 5...) with their bicycles, and two big crates each (will add
photo) to the market, 16km away. Its uphill, so the way back is not so
hard. They each come back with about 80kg of fruits, no joke! I
personnely did it for 3 weeks, and i came to like it very much! So i
get them to get the fruits from Kunati, at very cheap, and contrary to
the other guys whom go there and do the same thing, but re-sells the
fruits at twice the price, i re-sell them at the same price, or
almost. So only then the locals can afford living on a fruit only

Its big!! really big!! everyone should help with this thing!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pom on may 11th, 2011

We are now 16 fruitarians!! 100%!!!

thank you david for help and concern, it was nice to have someone whom understand what kind of place i am from.

Ok, now we seriously need a website, i know its a lot of work, but what is hapening here is just too big!! So please, just a small website, contact me on my e-mail,

So what else... ive planted about 5 thousand papaya trees, i have no idea of the percentage that will survive, but im planting (mostly throwing) almost 2000 per week... We are planting totomoko, or soursop (high on fructose!!), watermelon, rockmelon, some mangoe, i will know in a few hours about some loquats, never heard before, i see them everywhere, but i always though they were passion fruits!! those are everywhere, so ill taste and if good ill buy lots to plant, and thanks to david, we will have a lot of jackfruits or maybe jampedak!! Ho yhea, I'm sorry sunshine, but everyone here has been puting pressur on me and i don't really have a joice... im getting banana plants.... lol, i know its not juicy, and its probebly not human food, but they have some pretty good varieties here!! lol. Unfortunetly no one but sunshine's mom has sent us some seeds, so we hope that will change!! come on everyone!! I have 50 acres to plant!!and about 40 more for the local fruitarians!!

The fruitarians are doing great, they have no cravings, as i expected!!! no problem! I told the parents that they don't have to wash their kids everyday, or to brush their teeth, you shouldve seen their faces!! They realize more and more about the impact of it all, and they keep saying that all the people of their church will turn fruitarian. We are already making plans for saving up to buy as much land as possible, in the area i've send people to find the candyland, very recluded and low population, the best in kenya if you ask me!! They have been suffering a lot from the government, they are against i.d. cards, sending kids to school, making money and using technology, so they know that one day they will have to run away and hide, interesting huh?? they are planting all they can plant, and are asking me for seeds all the time. They are convince that in a few months they will be self suficient on fruits!! And Biti, the father of the famiily of 6 kids i mentioned before, has a lot of experience in growing all the kinds of fruits here. And he keeps repeating, we need more seeds!!

The shop is doing ok, it is self running but is expensive, about 20 euro per week is alot, the community's funds are at about 650euro, must make it last, in case we don't receive anymore donations. We should be able to last for another 3-4 month.

The rain season made everything back to green!! yheaaa!!! this is difinetly the most beautifull place in kenya!The rivers are raging, the birds are singning all the time, so many of them, of all colours! And for some strange reasons, don't know wich, we can now see the top of mount kenya from where we live!! i saw the snow!

As for sunshine, nixon and tanya, they are still on the coast, sunshine has always been recovering the best way he can since he recovered from a near death experience 2 and half years ago, fruit diet and fasting has kept him alive, but the process of this adventure has taken a lot from him. Tanya i havent got any news from her, im really curious!! And nixon also. I seriously hope they will come as soon as possible!!

So i repeat, we need someone to create a website!! please!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pom on April 29, 2011

where should i start...


this includes a family of 6 kids, and another of 1 kid!!

I have open last monday the first fruitarian fruit shop!! a place where people can buy fruits anytime of the day, anytime of the week, of all the variety accesible,totomoko (soursop), papaya (the best i've had in kenya), bananas, kiwano, the guavas might get good, just started, and cherimoyas are coming, all at half the price!! So for about 50ksh (0.50euro)per day one can become fruitarian!! I only have to pay someone to get the fruits, wich i have to do anyway!!

is that enough good news??? i have more!!

i have been making friend with a local here by the name of Biti, he is the one with the 6 kids and a wife. He has been trying to make me understand what kind of impact my message would have on the people of his religion. And now i really understand, listen to this!!

they are against schools, claiming that the industries has made them, and the industries are the devil. They dryfast every couple of weeks for 2-4 days, they sing and pray when they plant, they are against music instruments, they don't take medecine, they are against money, but still use it thinking they have no choice, and complain about it very seriously as if they had no solution (not anymore), and don't go to church, they gather under a very nice tree on top of a hill.

Biti has been repeating to me that all of his community will become fruitarian as soon as they can... thats about a 1000 people... And i now beleive it!! this is a big news everyone!! Big big news!!! there is now 9 of them with us, but many more almost every day are joining!!

So everyone!! time to seriously take this in consideration, we need fruit tree seeds!!!!! tropical, sweet and juicy!! they have started planting their land as soon as i first told them you can live on fruits, and they keep asking me for seeds as if their life depended on it!!

This is the begining of something very big, so any help will be great, like someone to create a real website, showing the pictures of the fruitarian families, the babies beeing born, the lands, the fruits...

This could change the world forever!!!

on another subject, i still have problems with getting my land and shelter built, it will hopefully be done this week, then the healing continues!! I have already started planting, the rain season has finaly arrived, the river is insane!!!

what else.... please re-read!!!!

Don't be shy to send that link to anyone whom might be interested in helping, this project is flourishing, bigger than i ever thought.

heres a list of fruits we would like to have....

mango steen
longkong or langsat
star apple
sugar apple
asian palmyra palm


i don't really know these fruits, canadian boy has a lot to learn!!

thanks again to those whom has helped, thanks a lot!!

love and unity!!!!

Pom and friends

PS- i think the blog has been deleted by blogger, i was asking for donations, they might have taken me for a spamer...

Pom on April 21

we have peter, a local that is new but 100% commited to the project and fruitarianism, whom will sell some of his property (about 100acres) for around 700/acre, wich is were we are creating the base camp.

But thats not all, for 80euro he will build you a house, all material included, 100% natural, no nails, mud, branchs and grass.
Solar power will cost 800 fully equiped, but if david decides to establish here also (80% shure i think), he will probebly get it install.

We will all be neighbors. Im making my garden, like the others, but we have the rest of the land that peter will let us plant, wich will become the comunity garden. For the locals turning fruitarian that doesnt live with us.

And then we will have the comfort that everyone prefer to have to organize their next step, me and david wants to plant around 200acre, i personely want to go live in it when its ready. Until then its about compremising the best way as possible, teaching, fasting, comunity building, maybe creating a organisation to help the locals like david's project, and more.

The land is where i though would be ideal for creating base camp, bye ura river, south border of meru national park. It took me many month with the help of sunshine and tanya to find that place, you can just trust my judgement for how paradisiac the place is!

Further east the land get dangeresly cheap, like 200-400euro per acre. Wich is where the big project will hapen.

We have the water pump, the seeds (of course we need waaay more) to start with, the workers, even volunteers!

We need kids and elders! Join or help in other way!!! We only have one natural habitat, lets work together to get it back!

Pom on April 20

Some news!
we have received donations, wich i will use to fix up the basecamp and to buy pipes for the water pump belonging to the new member of the comunity, peter! He is 5 day fruitarian, but has been studying my teachings and working with me as my handy man for 6 weeks, his brother though has turned fruitarian a week afer he met me, so 5 weeks! The donater is from california, i dont know if he wants to stay anonymus so thank you californian fruitarian! He got broke to help the mission! Thats the way! Lol

also, david came and visit me, he also helped with donations and was quite impress with location, especialy when we heard elephants at less then 1 hundred metres from us! I forgot to mention, the park we live next to has 17 permenant rivers!

I hope to have some pictures soon.

Many local fruits have appeared, guavas and dragon fruits, and cherimoyas will slowly apear within 2 weeks they say!

I spoke to many people, including the growers themselfs, and they dont spray! Very very good news!

One more good news, i have received 1 pakage of seeds out of 4, after almost 3 weeks! But now that i know there is other fruit trees in kenya then mangoes, i feel much more secure.

One bad news, as i was gonna start my fast, the kenya wildlife services came and kiked me out of the island i was renting, after all it is part of the national trying to get my money back. But its ok, i will rent right next to it , for cheaper.

I hope that everybody whom was motivated in joining or helping are still enthousiastic, we need positive vibration, members joining, and more kind of help that im not allowed to ask for otherwise blogger will delete me again... Thanks already to all of you!

Fruits and unity to the earth and people,


Pom on April 8, 2011

Just a reminder.

weve been broke for a while now, after geting coned twice for many thousand dolars, and learning that sunshine's house can not be sold as easely as we found a extra cheep place to live. about 50 cents per week each....

The search had to continu, so i left the group on a bicicle, i biked 600km to get to meru national park, learned that it's more than perfect (houra!) and now im preparing a garden of melons.

It cost about 15euro each per week to live where i am. So a minimum of 50 euro per week could do it.

So sunshine, tanya and nixon are on the coast, waiting for me to get a garden that will substain 4 to 7 fruitarian, at least, or until we get enough donations, or sunshine's house gets sold!

So let me say it one more time... if anyone wants to help now its a good time!!!
The way we live shows what is our next step: to renonce money completely. We are not to far from that, the people READY to join us are not far behind also...

We seriously do our best

Pom on April 7, 2011


Im righting this message from a new mobile, thanks for the recent donations. So i will keep in touch with the rest of the world in our very remote new base camp.

My shelter is almost finished, and the seeds should arrive shortly.

David is coming in the next few days, i think he has a camera, so pictures are coming everyone!!

And as for me, ill be fasting as soon as possible!


Pom on March 16, 2011

Anyone willing to help us contact me via e-mail,

what kenya need is like everywhere in the world, seeds of fruit TREES!! here nothing is wasted, people will take the seeds and carefully plant them. Just from fruktifying the people of the village im in, in 3 weeks, i got about 10 people that are ready to plant 5 to 10 acres and turn fruitarian. Missing one rain season is so unfortunate!! (starting this week). I could get 100 acres planted, then next season another 200!!! when people understand we can live on fruits they all want to try! people here dont care about food, they eat because they think they have to. You should see what they eat, the same over and over, plain rice, or cabbage with tortillas, or plain beans, plain lentils, plain corn, sometimes they put salt... We seriously choose the right place!

So... Heres some other news, we have "recruited" an other person, his name is nixon, now 100% fruitarian for almost 3 weeks, but has been studying carefully for about 2 month, he is a fine preacher already, he speaks the local language and is very helpfull. He is with Sunshine and tanya, on the coast, enjoying papaya for 3 cents each, thats right, wich will be like that until the fruit acess will be good enough where i am. They are enjoying nature, praying, preaching, massaging and eating fruits like the good natural fruitarians they are! i miss you guys!

As for me i arrived since 3 weeks ago in a town call makutano, south of meru national park, in the tharaka region. So heres the details...
Altitude between 200-330metres (from a gps), about 40km from 1700 metres (for the temperate fruits), the national park has been protected since the 60s, mostly flat and dry at first, but green and almost rain forest on the north, where the lions are, fortunatly. There is a river going along the park, the ura river, clean to drink even at the most dry time of the year (now), i swim every day watching the monkeys, so nice! the lands are pretty cheap, i was told we can find 200 acres at 300euro each acre. The population is very low, very sparsely(spelling??). Everything here is local, no big shop, no imports of fruits also.
Now for what you all want to know... the fruits! lots of good bananas (6 for 10cents), but for those whom only eat juicy fruits theres papaya, 30-50 cents each, also water melons, the best taste and price i found in kenya so far(1euro each, big ones), and let me say that we tried them everywhere we went!! also theres pinneaple, big one at 60-80 cents), the mangoes are a bit green, but taste good, 3 for 20 cents, the size of a fist. The transport cost 2 euro of gaz, and to pay the guy is about 3euro, twice a week.

So thats it, im enjoying the river, starting a 30 days fast very soon, i build a shelter for 6euro, all natural, mud and grass. I collected a bunch of papaya seeds, and about 200 mango seeds, and theres hopefully 16 varieties of melons beeing sent here from australia. So as long as we are broke, i will be seperated from my new brother and sister, sunshine and tanya, and i guess Nixon too now! But if i can get these 16 varieties of melons and papaya growing well they will come right away. Im preparing a nice seed camp for the community. So yhea, we have decided i should stay here, prepare the seed camp, fruktify the people, do my fast and enjoy the angel of rain alone... Perfect!! lol

So please, anyone willing to help us, contact me through e-mail. im espacilly talking to those whom are thinking about joining the community later!!

thanks for reading.

love love and more love!

Pom on February 18, 2011

My first apple in kenya!!

i picked it from the tree myself!! The man picked them all just before i got there, so i didnt have the best one, but still, for a tree that was planted from twig and that never got pruned, of about 8-10 years old, it wasnt bad at all!

so now i know apples grow at about 1700 metres, good news! now i know for shure i will find a high land very close tio a low land, im going to meru, im 50 km from it, so far ive never seen such beauty in nature, mountains, rivers, forest, but too many people... ho yhea, lots of fruits, many more than ive ever seen in kenya so far, yhea!!

Pom on February 9, 2011

I made it!!

i biked/hitchiked from the coast to ambu, central province! 7 days, super adventure, deserts and mangoes... i just had a meal of pinneaple, finally!

Because of financial problems i have left the group to continue the research, once i find the land, a cheap place to stay, and cheap fruits than we will be together again, i already miss the groups vibe, it was so unique!!

big city here, so i am meeting the forest district officer tomorwo, i hung out in the map room for a while, very promising!!! i heard there are people groing aples near bye, i saw 2 kinds at the market, expensive so not shure they are local... anyway, ill report again soon, ill start exploring as soon as i can, citys stinks.

Tanya on February 11

We have been visiting the Rift Valley and we sojourned in very remote villages where "musungus" (means white people) are not very often seen so the people - especially children - were either scared or excited by looking at us... and yeah, especially the first days we have been greeted very heavily (we shaked hands countless times!) by the local people but after a while people got used to us and they just did not care anymore...

Here where we are now, people are much more used to musungus, because of Malindi and Lamu, touristic places around here, so they often see them on the bus just passing by...

English - together with Kishwahili - is the national language so nearly everybody here speak this language and we had no problem whatsoever in dealing with people, even in very remote areas...

Here in Kenya there are no many thieves because if somebody try to rob you, then he will risk to be robbed as well by other connationals... there's a thing here called "social control"... people here are very well connected to each other and it is not like western countries where you could literally die in the street without anybody helping you because they are scared you might be a drug addict... kenyans are very friendly and very much opened to the fruit message. I think because almost everybody here has got a piece of land with fruit trees and ate lots of fruits because...there were days in which they had nothing else to eat... They seem very much to understand the importance of fruit and the importance of living a natural, quiet life, like the one we want.

You know, at first when we chose Kenya I was a bit concerned because of all the things you hear on TV about Africa: famine, sicknessess, lack of food, lack of hygiene, poverty etc... but this is merely bad propaganda!

Here is full of fruits everywhere, good, organic fruits! Soil is virgin and very fertile.

We are now in the dry season but still there's lot of fruit.

People live very simply, they are kind and friendly.

Here is a good place if you wanna live naturally because everybody here lives a very simple life. There's lot of nature all around! These people only need to switch to fruitarian diet and they'll be ready to live very naturally because they are almost doing it already!

If I had visited Kenya 3 years ago - when I was a VERY spoilty city girl not interested in natural and simple living - than ofcourse it all would have seemed like a "poor 3rd World Country"...

It is very safe here, for sure.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tanya on February 7

We came in Kenya with this vision: find a large area of land that is next to a mountain containing a range of altitudes from 2000 mts asl down to 400 mts asl. With these altitudes we can grow both temperate and tropical fruits and we would be able to move through the property according to the seasons and weather conditions. The challenges inherent in achieving this as former omnivorous city-living folks have been vast. We still aim to be 100% natural but at the present moment we are willing to compromise and use basic shelters and some technology (tools, clothing...) At this stage we have not given up this dream and will continue to pursue this vision.

The reality we face now is that we need a base-camp somewhere natural/peaceful/fruitfriendly where we can gather resources, healing ourselves but most of all, a place where we can welcome PEOPLE committed to the project both from nearby areas and abroad.

We find ourselves now near KIPINI in coastal Kenya. This is not the paradise we are looking for but seems to have everything we need to set up a base-camp.

There's an abundance of cheap and extremely fertile land (we can buy a 15 acres property with some existing fruit trees for 2000 euros only!)

There's good supply of local fruits including:

big mangoes (10 cents each),

papayas (20 cents each)

pineapples (acidic ones, 50 cents),

some watermelons (2,5kg for 60 cents each),

bananas (various kind, 10 cents for 4 pieces)

young coconuts ( 15 cents each)

certainly good and cheap enough to live very easily until the property we take can feed us.

We plan to grow melons and many fruit trees, fructifying this land and local peole, drawing interested people to us (i.e. YOU! :)) and using this as a step towards our greater vision. Up to now has been just the three of us, but this task requires much more support.

So, if you are looking to create something good in this life and want to be part of an evolving peace/loving community, then pls, come and join us. With your support/help this dream can become a reality.



- Money to live off until we are self sufficient on fruit. We estimated an average of 20 $ per week.

Money to contribute for buying land, transports (car or motorbikes).

- A laptop with a solar charger (internet costs are very cheap and you can get very easily an internet key, only 1 computer is needed)

- Bring seeds. Quality Organic fruit trees and melons seeds.

You do not need any vaccination to enter Kenya and you get a VISA (3 months visa for 25$, which is easy to extend afterwards) directly at the airport.

Pom on January 19, 2011

Kenya Kenya!!

after beeing conned over a car, we are still searching around, now more to the coast...

We are getting really tired of living in a man-made world, really, every move is becoming too much. It is influencing the energy of the group, but we are very motivated still to find what we are looking for.

So it is pretty clear, open land, next to a national park, far far far away from any existing communitys (we dont want to join one, we want to make one), with water... Having more people with us would be nice, we need to send scouts, so if anyone with 3-400euro for a flight ticket, and a couple of hundreds more for food and transport will live for long, here a meal is around 1euro, and i eat a lot... We are hoping to find even cheaper! the visa is very easy to get, at the airport, 23euro. Transport is also cheap (money wise), its about 1euro per 100km.

There are still 3 of us, and we are hoping to have created a base camp within a week or two.


Pom on December 18, 2010


Forget about Gabon!!!!! it was the last day to make our visas.... 10 days ago, before we got the flights, the ambassy said they will make an exeption for us, that they will make us visas even if we are not in our original countries, WE CAN'T!!!!! so they gave us the news today.

We manage to cancel the flights, but we still lost about 500euro, and we are in madrid, cooool!

The good news is that everywhere we go we change peoples life, by fruktifying the people we think that are ready to hear the message!!

So more news soon....

Pom December 16, 2010

we are going to gabon!!!

we are now in madrid, for the visas, then lisbon, portugal, we found really cheap tickets for 323 euro, streight to libreville! we got our fake vaccination tickets for free and very easely, now we are getting a hotel reservation for 3 days (don't need to pay), wich of course we will not go to, they ask that for the visas, then once we are there we where told that we can easely extend our visa to 2 month.

Its cold here!!

We will be in gabon on the 19th!! their are a couple of coushsurfing places, so we will see from there.

More news very soon!!


Tanya on December 2, 2010

Allright, so we are redefining some parameters for our natural fruitarian community.
We will have a transitional place with shelters (very basic ones) to protect ourselves from bugs until we set up our fruitarian environment and get used to a 100% natural life.
However, we still think that going back to Nature will be easier than we think now, cos our minds play tricks with us all the time! We have been programmed to think that, to doubt that natural life is all we need to heal our bodies, mind and soul and that we do need some kind of stuff (technology to various degrees) for living. This is completely false and actually, the hardest thing to do is to break the veil of this illusion. Mind and our thoughts prevent us to achieve complete freedom/healing. Society instilled in us the "fear" concept by making us feel sick and more sick everyday living an innatural life. We have lot of work to do, to purify ouselves, to detox physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually before re-gaining the complete connection with G-d/Nature.
Cos this is all about: trusting our Creator vs trusting one's ego.
Our journey, our adventure here is not just about "finding a physical (external) place where to start a fruit community", it's about finding a "place" inside of us where we can find our inner paradise.
A place in the heart of all of us that strive for being again One with G-d. We just have to listen to its flebile voice while living into this chaotic (egoistic) world and follow it.
And it is definitively worth the chance!

Tanya on November 9, 2010

Costa RIca, Panama... yeah sounds all good places for me and I've personally known people who went there and found their "paradise spot" but the truth is that we should move and scout whatever land with our physical eyes (although not only those physical...) because all these suggestions ( I appreciate all your support guys!) come actually from people that do not have, did not have and probably will never have our kind of lifestyle, that means being naked 365 day 24/24, no electricity, no tools... just eating fruits from the trees directly in harmony with nature.
I know no people other than me, Salvo, Pom and Sunshine that really want this kind of life so, I'm not sure that people with different view of what "paradise" is can give a reliable advice.

ONly a fruitarian with our same goals could help us for good and solve all the riddles we've enumerated in terms of food (fruits), climate, prices for buying a land, visas and currently we do not know anyone or maybe he/she doesnt exist at all.
And if he/she exists, surely won't sit behind a desk reading 30Bad forum.

As far as I know, we are the only one capable of finding the best solution for ourselves by moving directly to the land.

I feel we are doing something extraordinary here and I'm gonna put all my multidimensional energies for finally finding OUR paradise just by MOVING to that place.

I think the first step to do is to choose a place and move there cos google cannot answer all our questions.
I don't feel like discarding a place only because we read somewhere in a website that the medium annual temperature is 23 degrees thus we cannot stay naked all the time...cos simply might be not true at all. The only way to find it out is to going there and FEEL the hot wind directly on our naked skin.

Once the place is found and scouted, people will recrute themselves and come, if that's what they really want.

Sunshine's post on November 8, 2010

hey beautiful people

just wanted to put up a quick post to say that i am extremelly excited about this project. i believe in it 100% and know that with commitment and energy we can make anything happen. the ideas that are being thrown around for location are great. africa or australia seem to me to be the 2 best options at the moment as far as current climate and post equitorial shift climates are concernced, (assuming the equitorial shift predictions are correct) population densities and natural environments. lets keep it open and keep exploring.

its been wonderful to be here in the canary islands and connect with other fruitarians. community is key! together we are stronger. lets make this happen.


November 6, 2010

So today we figured that islands are not an option, for we might have to migrate a lot over the next century and more because of climate change.

Also we are looking to get in contact with the rastafarian settlement in shashemene, ethiopia, just winting to get someone to install skype, we are in a library...

We are still thinking about australia though its an island, small factors are making us hesitated, like enough room to migrate far enough, the climate might not be hot enough, hard to get in and stay, and the land prices.

The decision should not be difficult, we know we will make the best of everywhere we go, we just want no island and hot enough in the winters, we found places that never goes under 23c.. Not a big difference with australia that has minimums of 20.6, and 22 in the winter, of course we are looking for hot hot!!

We want to pick a continant first!!! america, africa, or australia!!! we have about a month before our friend salvadore here has his passeport ready, we move together!! we are family now!

nov. 5th 2010


So now theres tanya, salvador, nic and me behind computers looking for other possibilities than canary islands. Its a lot of research, mustthink about climate change, equatorial shift, possible need of migration, reacheble by foot as much as possible, legal rights for foreigners, geography, etc...

Next time we fly we all agree that there is no more flying after that trip, and we will make the best of that place.

also we are looking to buy an existing fruit farm or a farm with fruits on it next to a forest reserve. We soon hope to have 150 000$, sould be more if people have more to pitch in.

the beggining, september 24th 2010

Seems like we can't openly ask for donations around here...

Heres is the new version of the blog, ive tryed tracking down most of the post and copy-pasted them here... Heres the first post.

Friday, September 24, 2010

the beggining

hello hello!
Ì'm Pomme. I can say that i truely understood the meaning of beeing a fruitarian. I understand what my body is truely used to, what we have truely adapted too, what he wants, what he needs, and that without these things, there is a lack, if i lack something, it creates a disconnection with what i have been considering sacred already for many years now, the connection with the source, purity, nature.
Let me introduce myself...
for 6 years i have been traveling in north america, canada, forest to forest, i live outside, 4 seasons/year, i move every season, build my camp, harvest the resources around, make some money in the nearby farms, play music, sell what i harvest from nature, etc... I also lived with the first nations for a couple of years, the haidas, the carriers, cris, and mostly the algonquinns. They have been teaching me very much, but now i realize how unimportant this was, for the human beeing is not meant to live in such conditions. The natural habitat of the human is equatorial!

I just came back from a journey to europe. I left quebec last month with my friend and her 6 months old baby, to go to the first annual fruitarian/breatharian festival, the fruktifest. We got there late, for we learned about the festival not soon enough, but we did meet a breathariam. Then 7 of us, fruitarians, left to continue our journey after the festival to south of spain to find a land where we could start a community of fruitarians. It was amazing, we found a micro-climat, we ate from the trees for every meal, we were naked the entire time, and debating and talking about all the greatness of the fruitarian life we should have and how we will make this community come to life, for 3 weeks we lived that way.

So now you know, i have been living in the forest for 6 years now, also lived in communities that i considered my family (i have been in the same one now in the deep forest of quebec with 14 other rainbow brothers and sisters among the first nations the algonquinns for 2 years), so i am well trained for creating a community.

If there is one of you whom truely understand the meaning of fruitarianism, not just the diet, but the way of living that we lived for millions of years, will quit everything to join this new life.

Right now the community is alive, there are 2 that are prospecting the canary islands, they are living the almost-fruitarian life as we speak, And they are expecting more people to arrive soon. If the canary islands are not ideal for our community, we are not afraid to move. Expect the very best, the promise land, for we know it is there somewhere, and that we only forgot we can go back to it.

As for me, i had to come back to quebec, some people are depending on me for many things. But while im here, i will do my best to get into friendship with whomever wants to quit all the intoxication of this fake human life, and join our community, for we realize the importance of the community, it is the core of it all, we need many people!

I am doing this for our children, so i am thinking long term, i am serious.

Posted by we are fruitarian at 8:00 AM
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we are fruitarian said...

i am finaly leaving quebec this week, will join my italien friends, a woman from andalouse, and a wonderer from everywhere! lol, he has a blog, chek it out!

We will be pioneers, the needed visionnaries, thefools, the zeros of the make it happen.

Let the magic beggin!
October 11, 2010 12:50 PM
Miloš said...

I would like to join you right now. But dont have money at the moment for sucha long way from England. If it´s ment to be miracle will happen nad I will join you soon.
October 21, 2010 11:56 AM