Tuesday, October 2, 2018

updates for 2017-2018

The 4th Edition Winter-Long Raw-Vegan Gathering in Costa Rica was a great success, we hosted over 50 people. We had classes 5 nights out of 7, like every year. The land is being planted, the legal structure is finish, people can join in legally if they wish! Check out the website to see our drone video, new photos, and all the changes that we've made.

Then we went to USA and Canada to our yearly wild mushroom harvest...

Beautiful year, lots of love, 2 weddings happened! Almost 3! Including Minda and our new family member Mira with her 2 chilren Tom and Kim. 
Minda broke the financial record like every year, everyone made from 6 000-30 000$ in 2-3 months. We were 14, all vegan of course, and 4 were fully raw. First we were in Oregon, then some were in California, then Montana, then the Canadian Rockies, then the Kootenays in BC for some. Amazing sights, the camping was a bit tough because it was colder then most years and so much rain... But still everyone had a good time! Check out the pitcures in our facebook page.

Now we are renting another place, still not on our beatiful 15 hectares... (soon we will move there!) but 200 meters from the beach of Cahuita, amazing house, new pricing list for guests.

We have many families coming this year, more then usual, now Kaya is back after 3 years of absence so she could finish her master degree. Her child Leonna is now 6. The family is expending! 

The beggining of the 5th Edition Winter-Long Raw-Vegan Gathering in Costa Rica is starting slowly, already 4 of the core members are there with 3 kids, and another family of 3 are coming this week. 

Let's keep on growing! 

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