Friday, March 4, 2016

2nd edition raw vegan gathering in Costa-Rica updates!!


The gathering is doing well, long but pleasant meetings 5 days a week, 2 market days per week, and during the Saturday organic market at Puerto Viejo it is also our connection/beach day. 
We are working on building the legal entity, the vision documents, checking chemistry with each other, visiting land and other raw vegan or vegan families, beautiful circle of friends here. 
We also enjoy the abundance of coconuts (10cents each), the organic fruits, leafs and other delicious raw foods grown here locally, sapotes are here! And many more of course... 
The rent is fairly cheap, internet is OK, slow but OK, Micha made a pool in the creek, and we have worked the past problems with land carers (usage of pesticides for example...), everything is becoming really nice!
People come and go, hopefully we will have a solid team for the upcoming mushroom season!! And of course to eventually buy land this year! The gathering is going on until 19th of April, then it's up to each if us to gather the money and skills needed for our coming back after the wild foods harvest in Canada, May til October. 

Keep it fruity!!

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