Sunday, October 14, 2012

october 14th 2012

hello everyone!! I am back in action, even if never actually stopped... Great news, i have joined hands with 2 fellow fruitarian friends, Rebecca and Francois. So now i'll be speaking with WE'S, lol. So we have been working really hard for the last few months, preparing the project, getting our visions as one, our persenalities too. They have got rid of almost all their stuff in the homes. Just to show that they are both commited, which is really what we all need. Theres no plan B, we must succeed! So as you saw, i changed the title for Bolivian community instead of Kenyan... Yup, i got convinced!! lol, it was farely easy, south america or Africa at the beggining, a year and a half ago with Nic and Tanya, got choosen almost by flicking a coin... After all, there are both very un-develloped, far from everything, preserved... We will be changing the website soon, explaing everything in details of why Bolivia, and what are are our visions. We have decided to go public!!! we are even considering making invitations... So now theres 3 of us, but we have Baba, our breatharian friend from Kenya that said he will be joining us soon, and once we have the land, and a solid core, the community will be more and more open to new comers. but now lets focus on being present, we are flying on the 29th of november, to costa-rica, and do the rest of the trip by land, boat and land again, to Bolivia.

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