Monday, December 17, 2012


Weve just spent almost 2 weeks in Costa-Rica, at Rawtreat, a very interesting raw-vegan who has been on a very similar path of ours, the creation a of natural fruitarian community. He has been doing so for 12 years, he created 2 fruit forest, without using very much permaculture though, but still he did wounders, like getting some really good seeds like Safu, absolute wounder!! a fruit of his own category, compareble to Durian, but in a totaly diferent way! Ho and he can host many people during the Durian season, heres his blog,

Now we are, in panama, its really great so far, the group is doing very well, we have circles almost everyday, and talk about everything, and we make efforts to steighten our team sprit. 

Work is good, we learn a lot, the guy running the place has so much information, he has the best library ive ever seen, like really hard to find books, best authors too. He studied them all really good. But the problem is that he is not on the field very much and he eats the S.A.D. diet!!! and its his right arm that does everything, the guy pretty much has all the real knowledge, but he only speaks Spanish!! but fortunately, one guy here is also full of knowledge, and has been here for 2 weeks but might be here for 3 more months, he studied for 2 years permaculture, he knows so much!! he is formening us right now. The farm is really cool too, John, the owner, started 6 years ago, he didn't know anything, so he lost about 2 years, but still, the place is very much permaculture like, just walking around is a big course of its own. 

We have also learned from many that permaculture is something that you learn on site, so we are more and more interesting into getting land faster then we first though. Mistakes are the best way to learn, and we already have done some homework, and are learning everyday!! 

Not much fruits, Pom eats oranges (tons), and bananas are coming soon, like in a week, then there will be more then a fruitarian tribe could eat... lol. Rebecca and Francois are eating from the market, which is really far from here. Ho and theres cranberry hibiscus!!! the best leafs Pom's ever eatin. outer then that food isnt really great, but enough for some anyway, or it will be soon for shore... the place is also cooler, more easy to work in. love to you all, go vegan, go low fat raw-vegan, go fruitarian!!

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