Wednesday, January 4, 2012

big change

alright everyone im gone!!

the garden will keep growing, Peter will continue caring for it. Me im leaving back to canada, we are always out of money, so its time i take the problem at hands. Hopefully it will not tke too long for me to come back.

anyone is welcome to take over the project until i come back, living there is very cheap, especially since the garden is giving more and more, so anyone can come and have a paradisiac life, seriously, its really nice.

im going back to minus 20 celsius!! haaaa!!!


  1. so you are going back to canada to make some money, to later return to kenya and continue with the project plus help finance it? or you are just giving it up entirely, and wishing to try something different?

  2. of course im going back! living off donations makes things go to slow, next time i hope to be much more efficient.

  3. Hey! I'm Alyson, a soon-to-be fruitarian. I'm highly interested in this fruitarian community, maybe I will be able to give it a shot soon! Keep improving :)

    1. hi!! you hould e-mail me on, hope to hear from you soon!!