Friday, August 8, 2014

winter gathering for fruitarian community in Costa-Rica!

Hello dear fruit heads of the world!

Gathering for the creation of the fruitarian community in Costa-Rica!!

Its with pleasure that we invite all the fruit heads of the world to come and either witness or be part of this wonderful event that will occur this winter, from December 10th to the middle of.... May! Or come for however long you want! If your looking for a nice place to spend the winter, surrounded with tropical fruits and fruitarians from all over the world keep reading! Or you can take a look at the progress we've made so far, like gathering all the information you need to know about Costa-Rica, or the people already on board, or the possible land we are interested in... And more, all on Pom's website

Also we must talk about after the gathering... Most of us, hopefully all, plan to go to Canada, buy a bus, and go wild mushroom picking!! Pom has been doing this for 10 years, seasonally of course, and guaranty that any rooky can make 200 to 500$ a day... Good way to finance the land all together!! The season last 3 months, so we should be back to Costa-Rica with enough money for the down payment.

Now here's the index of everything you need to know about the gathering...

Housing and internet
Cost per month and available food
What to bring
Topics of circles


If you stay less then 2 weeks, 5$ per day,
2 weeks to 1 month is 4$, and if you plan to commit to the community project and come mushroom picking afterwards, you will pay the rent's monthly cost divided by the others whom committed to, so far its been about 2-3$ a day for us...

Lots of room in the house or balcony! But bring you tent! We will share a kitchen, which will be a good opportunity to learn about sharing a kitchen among fruitarians... Or good opportunity to show how we behave in communal spaces, after all, one of the main objective of this gathering will be to see each other in many situation! We hope to move to a land that interest us, to learn about it as much as possible about it before the big investment.

Free unlimited high speed internet wherever Nike's phone is... So around us most of the time, ;)


For housing, food, communication, and transport, i say from 250$ to 650$ a month minimum, let us explain... The housing can cost you as little 75$ a month. Food is quite expensive, so if you want to eat awesome food like sapote or organic papaya, it might cost you up to 15$ a day, so 450$ a month. BUT!! If you decide to give a little effort, you'll easily find food around that nobody cares about, like coconut, sugar cane, some jackfruit, many varieties of bananas, plantains, coconut palm heart, oranges, and many greens like local spinach, colllards, katouk or cranberry hibiscus, my favorite, etc... If you go this way it could cost you only 5$ a day or 150$ a month. Pom has a truck for everyone's groceries, at least for as many people as possible, and for looking at lands, going to the beach etc... So we ask for gaz money, not much, but with other transports like bus's, around 40$ a month. .


Surfing!! And also... looking for land, visiting permaculture farms, doing training at the house in non-violent communication, permaculture, or this book we really like called Creating life together, real bible to create a community... also we do many circles, and lots of fruit shopping/foraging can be a good part of our days, but we need to get to know each other as much as possible, so we need to play together!! Any sport like soccer, frisby or even tag is encourage. Any suggestions is welcome, I bet we won't run out of ideas!


You will be sleeping in the house, but in case it gets cramped, we advise that you bring the following... A tent that is well aired, or a large mosquito net with a tarp over it, or a hammock with a mosquito net incorporated in it, with a tarp over it. Don't worry though there's barely any mosquitoes year round!

Some good hiking shoes, as light as possible, crocs and five fingers might get worned out fast on the gravel roads and long hikes we take to look for land, but will be nice to have for the most part. A sleeping bag is not essential, a blanket can be plenty, but some summer sleeping bag can be very compact compared to a blanket... Outer then that you know the essential, tooth brush, cloths, ceramic knife, wooden spoon, etc...


The group is divided into 2, the ones truly interested in becoming a resident of the community, and the ones whom are there simply to witness the event. The fist ones have daily circles to attend to, even home works!! We are talking mostly of the vision, just sharing what we think about all community realted topics, like diet, politics, having pets, legal entity, drugs etc... We need to find out what is the core goal of every one, the long term one. Then we need to choose a legal entity, a cooperative probably, that is to buy land under many people's name, to protect each other financial and legally. This will be the toughest thing to accomplish. Which will take about a month of work. Its important to understand the necessity of this, we really hope you did or will read Diana Leafe Christian's book Creating life together... In there you will see WHAT we talk about in details, and HOW we talk, like with a facilitator. Also we talk about the different branches of the project, such as a animal shelter, a yoga center, a PRI (permaculture research institute), a healing center, etc.. Lots to talk about! The second group can witness the circles whenever, and enjoy the others like we will enjoy you!!

So we hope we gained your attention... And like we said, you can simply come as a witness, enjoying the fruits, the beach and the fruitarian company! No stress!

For more information please don't be shy, you can contact anyone in the group that you will on the pictures for example, Pom Vincent'Mindaugas Austinskas'Les KuzmenkoAusia TaileenJojo Go Flow or call Pom at his Costa-Rican number +5068432-2640.


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